Why You Need the Rainforest of the Sea™ Eyeshadow Palette in Your Life

Rainforest of the Sea™  Eyeshadow Palette (limited-edition)

I have searched long and hard for a neutral eyeshadow palette that highlights my eyes and that stays on all day. From the beautiful shimmering effect to its long-lasting pigment, Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette gives me everything I need in a makeup look.  Although it was released last year, I think it’s time to break out this palette again for some serious beach/mermaid vibes.  I especially love the colors “Wave”, “Mermaid”, and “Reef” when I’m looking for a way to bring out my green eyes.

Of course, compared to drugstore makeup prices the palette is a tad on the expensive side at $36.  However, you really get your bang for your buck with eight incredible colors from an incredible makeup brand like Tarte.  I feel like I have definitely gotten my money’s worth with the quality and amount of shadows.  Not to mention, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous and they include two different makeup look tutorials! I love how compact the palette is because it is perfect for my day bag or to take on my travels.  With summer coming soon, I wouldn’t waste anymore time without this amazing limited edition product!

I can’t wait to expand my Rainforest of the Sea collection after trying out this eyeshadow palette.  Some products on my list list are: the water foundation, the color-correcting palette, and the cream blush and lip palette.  (Have you tried any of these products? Please let me know how they worked for you!)

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