Mermaid-Inspired Summer 2017 Favorites

Hey guys! I thought I would make a short post updating you on all my life and favorite travel/beauty/random things I have been loving since the beginning of the summer.  Honestly, the past few weeks of my life have just been non-stop working to save up for upcoming trips and adventures but I hope to get into the habit of posting more.  I picked the theme of the post to be mermaid-inspired because there is nothing better than a summer glow.  I’m not just talking about makeup highlighters (even though I do mention them a lot in this post), I mean the glow from the sun shining and from the happiness you can feel when you open your mind to a life of adventures.  So without further ado, here are my summer favorites:

Travel Favorites

Dream Destinations:

Portland, Oregon: September 2017

Oh yes, Andrew and I plan on moving to the city that has “Keep Portland Weird” as its slogan.  We both are ready to make the move out of Orange County but at the same time are not ready to say goodbye to the beautiful U.S just quite yet.  Portland will be our home base as we continue our life of travel and adventure through the many beautiful sights and national parks left in the country.

Alberta, Canada: August 2017

Andrew and I have made big plans to road trip through British Columbia and Alberta in the month of August! Since we will be moving to Portland in around September, we decided to take advantage of the Canadian National Parks being free in 2017.  We plan to visit beautiful sights such as Lake Louise, Jasper National Park, Panorama Ridge, and many others.  I hope to keep you all updated as this is a very exciting trip for us!

Fujifilm INSTAX 210 Instant wide Photo Camera


I originally bought the classic version of the mini Fujifilm’s Polariods but wanted to splurge on the wide version because of the bigger photos.  In comparison, I love both versions but must say that I get a fuller and better picture with the wide version.  I’m taking this along with me through my summer days and road trips and hope to make a post later on about them.  For now, here’s a little preview:

Beauty & Fashion Favorites

Tarte Eyeshadow Palette:

If you’ve read my post “Why You Need the Rainforest of the Sea™ Eyeshadow Palette in Your Life“, you will already know I’m obsessed with the beautiful neutral tones of this palette. I use the combination of “Mermaid”,”Reef,” and “Cove,” to make my green eyes really pop.  I think this is the perfect summer palette to pair with your favorite highlighter.  At $36 for 8 high-quality Tarte eyeshadow colors, its quite the summer steal!

H&M Dress:

I fell in love with this dress because it transports me right back into a 90s chic vibe (I’m thinking Cher from Clueless).  Not to mention, the fitted slip perfectly hugs my body but doesn’t make me sweat through the California summers.  

H&M Top:

I instantly fell in love with this top because of its summery feel.  I love the off-the-shoulder fit because adding highlighter to my collarbones helps me to have an amazing glow.

*I learned today that contemporary art is very weird*

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Bath & Body Works Fragrance:

If you are looking for the perfect summer scent, look no further than Bath and Body Works Oahu Coconut Sunset.  I love the idea of a body mist rather than perfume for the summer because not only is it refreshing but it screams relaxed and effortless.

Becca Black Highlighters:

By now I’m sure you can tell I’m obsessed with a good highlighter for the summer season.  I first tried the two travel sizes for these products and now I’m sure they are the best highlighters that have worked for me thus far.  The first highlighter by Becca Black is a compact while the other is a liquid illuminator.

Liquid Illuminator:

Becca Black Opal:

Other Summer Favorites

13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Definitely not so mermaid related, but after watching the popular series on Netflix, I was convinced I had to read the book because of course the book 9/10 times is better than the film/tv version.  I was not disappointed! The book was not only shared the same incredible message as the television show, but it was interesting to see what the series took from the book.  Definitely a must-have in your summer reading list!

Taylor Swift

Okay, I know she hasn’t released an album since 2014, but hey she’s back streaming her music on Spotify! Taylor Swift was my high-school jam so you better believe I’ll be driving with the windows down loudly singing to “You Belong with Me.”

Most Popular Instagram Post:

when date nights include watching the sunset by the ocean>

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It’s only fitting for this mermaid-inspired post that my most popular post of May be me relaxing by the ocean. There’s really nothing better than enjoying a beautiful summer day outside, just don’t forget the sunscreen!

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Looking to have the summer of your life? Be inspired, take a road trip with some friends and camp in some of the most beautiful spots in California!

I hope you enjoyed reading my summer favorites and thanks for stopping by! What are some products or destinations you can’t live without this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay inspired,

L x


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