1,000 feet Above Los Angeles

After seeing some beautiful Instagram posts about Skyspace I knew I had to see it for myself.  I dragged my friend Dahlia to Downtown Los Angeles to check it out along with some other beautiful city landmarks.  I had visited The Last Bookstore, Pershing Square, and Grand Central Market before…but I was not prepared for Skyspace.

Skyspace offers a 360-degree, panoramic view of Los Angeles.  Dahlia and I made it there just as the sun was setting above the city.  The warm orange colors lit up the sky and made the experience even more breathtaking.

The wind was blowing and the evening chill was setting in, but we didn’t care.

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Dahlia and I sat on the couches talking as the sky changed from orange to black. We people-watched from 1,000ft above and took in the giant skyscrapers. The lights of the city and the cars in the street twinkled through the glass.

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OUE Skyspace tickets start at around $25 (although I was able to find tickets for $19 based on my zip code) plus another $6 if you want to ride the slide. I thought it was definitely worth the money but if you are looking for views without the price tag, check out the rooftop bar Perth just a block away.

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Where is your favorite view of Los Angeles? Let me know in the comments!

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