A Road Trip Through the Canadian Rockies: A Full Itinerary

There are two things I can never get tired of: a road trip and being able to explore the beauty of nature.  The Canadian Rockies are the perfect North American destination to do both.  You will see everything from towering waterfalls, to picturesque lakes, and even some of the most beautiful natural wonders I have ever seen. To make this trip sound even more appealing, I should also mention that the highway between Jasper and Banff National Parks is known as one of the most beautiful drives in the world! 

Need I say more?

Here is my suggested Canada Rockies itinerary:

The National Parks:

Glacier National Park of Canada

Driving time from Vancouver/Calgary: 7 hours/ 3 hours 30 minutes

Why it’s worth stopping for: Take the day or the long visit to camp at the beautiful Loop Brook campground (try to score site number #17!) and spend the day hiking through this underlooked national park. The serenity of this national park will be a relaxing getaway from the crowds of the other parks and a way to experience what nature is all about.

What to See: Avalanche Crest (warning only for the adventurous) and the other incredible hiking trails

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Yoho National Park

Driving time from Glacier: 1 hour

Why it’s worth stopping for: Yoho has options for every type of adventurer. This national park is home to many natural wonders including massive waterfalls and the breathtaking Emerald Lake. This UNESCO World Heritage site is also home to the secretive Lake O’Hara, a tucked-away natural beauty.

What to See: Emerald Lake, Natural Bridge, the Spiral Tunnels and the quaint town of Field

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Kootenay National Park

Driving time from Yoho: 45 minutes

Why it’s worth stopping for: Although Kootenay is one of the lesser known parks, it turned out to be one of my favorites of the trip.  The serene camping, the breathtaking hikes, and scenic drives are just some of the things you will experience if you head to Kootenay.

What to See: Radium Hot Springs, Marble Canyon, and Dog Lake.

Banff National Park

Driving time from Kootenay: 30 minutes

Why it’s worth stopping for: Banff is probably the most well-known national park in the Rockies.  It is home to many incredible lakes including Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. In addition, this national park offers many incredible hiking trails in the summer and a winter wonderland experience during the snow season!

What to See: Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Johnston Canyon, Banff Upper Hot Springs, and the town of Banff

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Shop my cold weather favorites:

Jasper National Park

Driving time from Banff: Although the almost 4 hour drive may sound like a turn off, the Icefields Parkway is known as one of the most beautiful drives in the world.  The journey includes glaciers, waterfalls, and beautiful wildlife.

Why it’s worth stopping for: Jasper is so massive it will take the entire weekend just to dig into it.  If the Icefields Parkway drive did not inspire you enough, Jasper also offers many viewpoints and hiking options.  This national park is also where Andrew and I spotted the most wildlife.

What to See: Athabasca Falls, The Valley of 5 Lakes, and Maligne Canyon & Lake

I can’t wait to get back on the road and explore more of the beauty this world has to offer.  I also hope that one day I can return to Canada and explore deeper into this amazing country.

What is your favorite road trip song? Did I leave anything out from your Canada Rockies itinerary? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy travels,

Leslie xo


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3 thoughts on “A Road Trip Through the Canadian Rockies: A Full Itinerary

  1. Hey these photos are amazing! Are you Canadian? I’m Italian and apparently there’s a big migration movement of young Italians to Canada. Could you recommend a couple of other locations ( cities ok ) not to miss? 😊

  2. This has triggered my wanderlust on so many levels. I just went to Whistler for the first time and I was STUNNED by how beautiful Canada was, absolutely heartbreaking. Banff is for sure next on the list.

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